Tax Reduction Planning

Get a Tax Reduction Plan That Delivers

We are tax reduction specialists that help small businesses create and implement meaningful tax reduction strategies.

Never Overpay in Taxes

We'll make sure that you're doing everything to pay your fair share, and not a penny more.

More than an Up-Front Tax Plan

Besides creating a comprehensive tax reduction plan, we work throughout the year to do everything necessary to implement it.

Long Term Tax Reduction

We know all the loopholes and strategies to help you mitigate taxes in a single year, decades and over generations.

Maximize Your S-Corp. and Loopholes

Tax reduction planning is a combination of strategies, loopholes and highly engaged accounting.

Many of the tax reduction strategies we create are meaningless unless you've got an engaged accountant throughout the year helping you take advantage of the opportunities.

We will help create an up-front tax reduction plan for your family and business, and then we'll help you actually implement that tax plan throughout the year.

We Know How To Reduce Business Taxes

At the end of the day, you need a competent tax reduction planner that can identify meaningful tax reduction ideas and bring them to life, and that's what we've built our reputation on.

Pro-Active & Engaged

We're by your side throughout the year, keeping everything up to date and helping you know your numbers.

Aggressive Tax Reduction Planning

We're deeply committed to helping business owners mitigate their taxes and never overpay.

Enjoyable and Friendly Customer Services

We make sure that working with your accountant isn't a drag.

Tax Reduction Specialists Orlando Florida

Need a tax reduction CPA, or a tax accountant that provides aggressive, competent, and wise tax reduction analysis services, then we'd love to help you here at Jonathan Sena CPA in Orlando Florida.

Orlando Florida Business Tax CPA

We're not your typical tax accountant in Orlando Florida, and that's because rather than just provide year-end tax return preparation, or settle for compliance based accounting work, we engage deeply with our clients throughout the year, and make it our challenge to bring massive tax reduction value to the table.

Long Term Tax Reduction & Immediate Mitigation Strategies

As an Orlando Florida based tax reduction specialist, we don't just help you mitigate taxes in the immediate year we're in, we help you ensure that you enjoy the lowest tax brackets throughout the decades and you're able to pass along your wealth to your heirs without massive tax liabilities. We're Orlando's #1 Tax reduction specialists, and we'd be delighted to serve you, your business, and your family.

We are tax reduction specialists that help small businesses create and implement meaningful tax reduction strategies.

Schedule a Tax & Accounting Analysis Today!

We'll look at your taxes and accounting, then bring ideas to lower taxes, improve operations and build a more profitable and scalable business.

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