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Johnathan Sena CPA Orlando Florida

Small Business Accounting, Tax & Bookkeeping

We help business owners know for certain their taxes are done right, their financials are perfect and they don't overpay in taxes.

Take Control of Your Taxes & Financials

Stop Wasting Time & Overpaying in Taxes

Most business owners end up languishing because they don't have an accounting department or a pro-active tax reduction planner.  We help business owners lower taxes, get perfect books, and scale into the business they dream about.

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Business Tax Returns

Orlando Small Business Tax Preparation.
We'll get your business taxes done quickly, affordably and you'll get our popular tax reduction analysis in the process.

Bookkeeping Services

Get pristine books & peace of mind.
‍We'll cleanup your books, get them caught up and then provide monthly bookkeeping throughout the year.

Tax Reduction Planning

Never overpay in taxes again.
We're tax mitigation experts. We will analyze your tax returns, identify opportunities to reduce taxes and then implement the plan for you.


Stop Overpaying Taxes

We help businesses find ways to reduce taxes, implement those strategies and then make sure they don't create red-flags for the IRS.

Keep more of your hard earned money

Do everything possible to lower your taxes

Implement the most impactful tax reduction strategies

Maximize S-Corps & loopholes

Avoid IRS Audits

Orlando Florida's #1 Small Business CPA and Accounting Firm

Orlando's Best Small Business Tax Accountant

We're a CPA firm based out of Orlando Florida, but we serve small businesses throughout the United States. If you're searching for an Orlando, Florida Business Tax firm or a bookkeeper in Orlando Florida, then we'd love to connect and find out whether we're a good fit.

We'll provide excellent tax preparation & tax return service.

We'll help you get your books all caught up and establish a perfect foundation.

We'll help you identify tax reduction opportunities and implement them all.

We'll keep your books up to date and done to the highest standards possible.

We'll help reduce the risk of IRS Audits, and protect you against the aggressive IRS.


Relax, We'll Handle Everything

We provide an outsourced accounting service for small businesses. For one flat monthly cost, we'll handle all your bookkeeping, tax planning, tax payments, payroll and year-end tax returns.

You won't waste staff time, overpay in taxes, or compromise with amateur financial records.

Backup Bookkeeping

We'll take your books, get them all caught up, and then help you never fall behind.

IRS Audit Representation

We'll help represent you to the IRS and boldly pursue your best interests.

Tax Reduction Planning

We are tax reduction specialists that help small businesses create and implement meaningful tax reduction strategies.

Payroll Services

We'll setup and implement the perfect Payroll for your business.

Business Tax Returns

We provide affordable, thorough, and tax-reduction focused tax return preparation services.


We provide an affordable, comprehensive, bookkeeping service for small businesses.

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Don't Settle for a Reactive Accountant

What does it cost when you don't have a wise business accountant?

Most accountants are so busy with year end taxes, and they're so reactive, that their clients overpay in taxes, end up with bad financials and their business stays stuck.  We're not a reactive accountant, we provide pro-active leadership to our clients & simply work on their behalf, behind the scenes, to advance their best interests.

Overpaid Taxes

On average, our run-of-the-mill small business owner ends up saving $8,500 a year in taxes by working with us around tax reduction planning.

Missed Opportunities

When your books aren't done right, or they're not caught up, you end up missing out on investment opportunities, loans and the ability to scale your business.

Stagnant & Unable to Grow

Don't remain stuck in your business because you don't understand your numbers.  We'll help you establish great financials & guide you to make better choices.

Audits & Penalties

When you make mistakes in accounting, or if you're not getting pro-active guidance throughout the year, it's easy to trigger IRS audits.  We ensure this doesn't happen by being your outsourced accountant throughout the year.

Expensive In-House Staff

You won't have to use staff hours for bookkeeping, tax planning, or even payroll. You will save in labor with our service.

Stress & Frustration

You might not know all the ways DIY bookkeeping or lazy accountants will add to your stress levels. We reduce the number of problems in your business & increase your profitability, all without taking more of your time.

Free Second Opinion Tax Analysis

Stop Overpaying Taxes!

We’ll examine your tax returns with the mission to find opportunities to lower your taxes. 

What You Get When You Choose Our Accounting Services:

Pro-Active Guidance & Tax Planning

We work throughout the year to ensure your books are up to date, you're not making mistakes and that you're keeping more of what you earn.

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Excellent & Friendly Customer Service

We make it a point to pick up our phones right away, get quick answers to your questions and provide an enjoyable experience every time we connect.

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We Do Things Correctly and Pursue Your Best Interests

It's not enough to fill out forms the right way, businesses deserve an accountant that advances their best interests, all while obeying the law.

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Avoid Tax Bill Surprises

We help you stay ahead of your tax burdens by paying in your taxes evenly throughout the year, helping you avoid big surprises or tax refunds.

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Pursuing Your Best Interests

We work behind the scenes to ensure that you don't miss out on opportunities to have better outcomes.

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Protect form the IRS

We'll help protect you from the Internal Revenue Service by ensuring you obey the law and take appropriate risks.

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Love the simplicity of the service and the prompt customer support. We can’t imagine working without it.

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